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We have spent almost thirty years helping to construct some of the most efficient, cost-effective, state-of-the-art ships in service.  A true team effort has propelled us through those three decades delivering truly technically challenging projects across the globe on time and in budget.  Each individual bringing to bare their specific skill set, working in concert to form a functioning whole.  From cargo vessels in Japan to Cruise ships in Europe, throughout our journey we have seen that whilst the project engineering may vary and the trade of each ship may change, all end up facing the same ocean alone. The Gelen Marine team potentiate each other’s capacities, this results in cost savings for our clients and the assurance of the delivery of a completely functional and ready to operate vessel

Marine Consultancy

We provide technical investigations and reports, including feasibilities studies, trade constraint investigations and concept designs

Technical Services

Our Naval Architects and Marine Engineers provide technical marine consultancy on a general basis for new and existing ships

New Building Projects

We guide our clients through the technical process of building a new ship, satisfying all their safety and quality requirements

Significant Projects


Gelen Marine in Japan


Facing the uncertainties of the sea for any vessel is the same now as it was five centuries ago and that’s why we believe every vessel, no matter how simple or complex, merits the same care and dedication in the process of its design and construction. Our job is to accompany the ship owner in that process, to deliver a vessel that fits their requirements for high quality, within budget and on time.

We specialise in the shipbuilding
and conversion market.

Dr. Paul ReadManaging Director Gelen Marine