Marine Consultancy

Gelen Marine’s Naval Architects and Marine Engineers provide technical marine consultancy on a general basis for new and existing ships.

We provide technical investigations and reports, including feasibility studies, trade constraint investigations and concept designs. In addition, we provide technical troubleshooting services for ships in build or in service.

Technical Services

Gelen Marine’s experienced team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers offers a diverse set of technical services focused around shipbuilding and the shipbuilding market.  We are pleased to offer technical assistance from conception to delivery of our client’s new building projects.  In support of this we also offer general marine consultancy services which extend to ships in service.

New building projects

Gelen Marine guides our clients through the technical process of building a new ship, ensuring they get a ship that will meet their trade or mission, satisfying all their safety and quality requirements.  We augment our clients own technical personnel and take the worry out of dealing with shipyards from conception of their ship to delivery.

Concept Design

Gelen Marine assists our clients to clearly define their ship concept by helping identify requirements and trade constraints, producing an easily understood design brief for potential builders. We go on to support them in identifying capable yards and then guide them in executing any pre-qualification process a client may wish to have, before helping to prepare their tender documentation.

Tender Evaluation

Gelen Marine assists our clients in the decision making process of choosing a shipyard. We help in providing tender clarifications and subsequently assessing tenders against our clients design brief. We go on to support them in technical negotiations and modifications to the builder’s contract specification in order to fully meet our client’s requirements.

Plan Approval

Gelen Marine assists our clients in carrying out their contractual duty to approve all shipyard drawings for their ship.  We help check that the shipyard design meets the contract specification and all appropriate standards and statutory requirements. Furthermore, that it meets our client’s quality, safety, operational and maintenance requirements and that potential build issues are identified.

Construction Supervision

Gelen Marine assists our clients in providing experienced on-site representatives for the duration of their new building, whether this is through regular site visits or a full permanent site team.  Through close cooperation, we help our clients ensure their vessel is built to contract and to good shipbuilding practice and construction quality.  We provide up to date information and records to our clients on owner’s contractual inspections identifying defects and helping solve any subsequent construction problems.  Providing regular reports, to keep our clients fully informed of the progress of their new building through to delivery.